BigCommerce Enterprise vs. Shopify Plus – What is the better
enterprise ecommerce software solution

If you are looking for an enterprise ecommerce software solution, then this is the right article for you because we will be talking about two of those right here. If you are wondering why an enterprise solution is better, then the simple answer is because it will give you a lot of scalability, and that is something that every business wants. BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus are some of the best solutions out there of this kind, so today we are going to be making a comparison between the two, so keep reading because one of them may just end up being the right one for your ecommerce business.


We are going to start with something that most ecommerce owners tend to look at first, and that is the price of the solution. When looking at the price we can say that it is pretty much a tie between BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus. Looking at the pricing when it comes to these kinds of solutions can be a bit tricky, since everyone has a different budget, it is still a very important aspect to look at. When it comes to Shopify Plus, the pricing begins somewhere around $2000 a month, while the price for BigCommerce Enterprise is somewhere around $1000 a month. When you gather up all of the other costs that will come up here and there, you will end up with prices that are pretty similar. Something that you can do is call the providers, talk to representatives and once you give them information on the size and needs of your business, they will be able to give you an idea of what the price will be for your business, specifically.

Ease of use

Again, this is an area in the comparison where we can say that no matter which enterprise ecommerce software solution you go for, you will make a good choice because both of them are incredibly easy to use. Their dashboards that you will find when using Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise are the same as the ones in their respective counterparts, Shopify and BigCommerce, and this is definitely good news. Both of these platforms are known for being extremely easy to use, and the fact that this remains true for the enterprise solutions means that beginners and non-tech-savvy people can use. So, as long as you are ok with the other aspects, you will be able to figure out the platforms dashboard in no time.


Of course, when you have an ecommerce business, ecommerce features are incredibly important and that is why taking a look at them was something we thought was important. Even though a lot of people would give this category to Shopify Plus because of the really extensive App Store, we have to say that we disagree and we actually feel that BigCommerce Enterprise is the winner. Having the app store will be really helpful when it comes to adding functionalities, but the fact is that BigCommerce Enterprise simply comes with a lot more features in their main packages, and that means that there won’t be as much need for you to add anything yourself.

Now that you have seen a small comparison between BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus, you can see that these are both excellent platforms and that choosing either one of them will be a good move. We hope that you enjoyed this article and that it helped you realize that one of these two is the perfect enterprise ecommerce software solution for your business. Of course, make sure to do some more research and take advantage of any free trials if you can, because that is the safest way for you to be sure what you are getting is what your business needs.

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